Mark Zuckerberg rents new house

Date: January / 18 / 2011 + Comments: 2

Mark Zuckerberg new house

His new house is slightly larger than his last place. Oh, also, Mark Zuckerberg (26 years) is worth an estimated $7 billion as the CEO and creator of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg just moved out, relocating to a new security camera-studded home a few blocks away from his previous home. His new house is in the same small Palo Alto neighborhood of College Terrace as his old four-bedroom house, which was put up for rent last month. And while Zuckerberg’s former home is a mere seven blocks away, his new place is just down the street from Facebook’s headquarters, where Zuckerberg reportedly spends 16 hours a day.

Zuckerberg’s new house, which is another rental, has 5 bedrooms and around 3,800 square feet, versus four bedrooms and around 2,350 square feet for the old place. No fewer than three satellite dishes are attached the roof. Out in front, you’ll find Zuckerberg’s car parked, a black Acura.

Mark Zuckerberg new house Acura car
Mark Zuckerberg new house satellite dishes antenna
Mark Zuckerberg new home
Mark Zuckerberg new house Palo Alto
Mark Zuckerberg new house neighborhood
Mark Zuckerberg new house backyard

Via Gawker

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