8 epic animated gifs of James Van Der Beek

Date: January / 06 / 2011 + Comments: 0

These animated gifs are from the tumblr blog: James Van Der Memes. It’s fantastic. It shows that he’s able to poke fun at his past while also displaying more range than he ever showed on Dawson’s Creek.

The best is the: Oh no you didn’t! GIF

James Van Der Beek cryingJames Van Der Beek double take
James Van Der Beek No You DidntJames Van Der Beek Happy To Sad
James Van Der Beek Eyebrow String DancerJames Van Der Beek tongue
James Van Der Beek Oh FaceJames Van Der Beek Dramatic Dawson

James Van Der Beek is: 1.- Crying, 2.- Double Take, 3.- No You Didn’t, 4.- Happy To Sad, 5.- Eyebrow String Dancer, 6.- taking out the Tongue, 7.- O-Face, 8.- Dramatic Dawson

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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