Michael Bay talks about Transformers 3: the 3D process, the trailer, Buzz Aldrin

Date: December / 09 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Director Michael Bay In a recent interview Michael Bay talked about Transformers: Dark of the Moon, he said:

  • After talking to Buzz Aldrin (who is involved in the movie), Bay thinks they really went to the Moon in the 60s
  • The teaser trailer has no final effects footage. He wouldn’t even call any shot close to 80% done
  • He says you have got to massage every 3D shot
  • They are ahead in the editing right now because he is putting a lot of pressure on himself to do pristine 3D
  • If you want to do proper 3D it is a $30 million price tag. If you want to do dual eye-rendered robots, you got another 30% charge, because you got two eyes now, two different visual effects that have got to be blended. There is more work on the visual effects shots.
  • Did 5 months of research trying to decide between post conversion and shooting in 3D. Tested everything.
  • Says they will have shot 70% or so in 3D and they will post convert the rest
  • He has 3 full time editors working on the film due to how much has to get done in such a short period of time
  • Spends an hour and a half everyday talking to ILM via video conferencing to talk about the effects. Goes up there all the time to talk individually with the animators. Says 25% of the CG work is being done at Digital Domain and the rest at ILM
  • We shot most of my close-ups with faces with anamorphic film (2D), because that stuff is easier to convert and it is just more beautiful than the digital.

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