How to make-up as an Avatar Na’vi

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Avatar make-up Jake Sully

If you want to be an Avatar Na’vi from Pandora for this Halloween, here are some good video tutorials of how to achieve a perfect make-up:

Avatar Neytiri Make-up Tutorial

To make-up as the na’vi Neytiri is as simple and easy as this:

  • Braid your hair
  • Put your yellow contacts in.
  • Put foundation (For good base for the blue color)
  • Paint your face including the ears.
  • Draw in the eyebrows.
  • Re-create your eyes with black eyeshadows.
  • Put stripes with dark blue and black color creme mixed. Patterns facing to your nose.
  • Do the cat eye with a black eyeliner.
  • Put white dots following the stripes in your forehead.
  • Touch up the cheeks and the tip of your nose with a pink blush.
  • Draw similar white dots below your eyes.
  • Put fake lashes in the top and bottom.
  • Color and cut out a hard paper for ears and stick it in your hair with a hair pin.
  • Put feathers on your ears with a hair pin.
  • We are done!!!

Avatar Neytiri Make-up

  • She used a Dark Blue Color Creme Make-up paint from Party City.
  • She mixed the Dark Blue with some white creme make-up to create the pretty Na’vi color.
  • She mixed a Dark Blue creme with Black to draw the Stripes.
  • The white dots were created with a white color creme.
  • The colorful feathers and beads for the hair from Hobby lobby.
  • For ears she used a cereal box card board.
  • For the nose shape she used some regular Play-Doh.
  • Fake eyelashes and yellow or blue contacts for the eyes
  • Get a wig or try extensions for your hair if needed.

Dark Avatar Na’vi Make-Up Tutorial

In this video you can see step by step how to do the Avatar make-up, with the appropriate cosmetics.

This took her an hour and a half do do.
What she used:

  • Palmers Cocoa Butter
  • Eyeshadow Primer
  • Black eyeliner
  • 120 Pro Pallet
  • Blush brush
  • Contour brush
  • Angled foundation brush w7 gel eyeliner
  • Glam crystals gel liner
  • Huge eyelashes

Male Avatar Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Another video but this time with a man doing his Na’vi make-up and explaining every step. Everything can be achieved with just regular cosmetics.

How to create the Avatar clothes

Another video explaining how you can create your own avatar costume, specifically the Avatar clothes.
For example: Take a pair of boots and cover them with blue fabric.

Her final result:

Avatar Make-up in Spanish

She make-ups half of her face from zero to show how to achieve the same result.

Avatar girl costume make-up

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