Concept Arts of The Combaticons and Bruticus for Transformers 3 (Fanmade)

Date: October / 26 / 2010 + Comments: 0

These drawings are Concept Arts of how The Combaticons and Bruticus could look like if they were part of Transformers 3, they are fanmade by ra88 in DeviantArt.

Lets remember that the design of the Constructicon Long Haul was also a fanmade Concept Art, that eventually the Transformers 2 production hired its author to bring his drawing to the big screen.

I don’t think that this will be the case this time, since the script for Transformers 3 is ready, the filming is almost over, and there is no signs of any army vehicles to consider The Combaticons will be part of this third film.

strong>Bruticus Maximus
Concept Art Bruticus Transformers 3

Bruticus and The Combaticons have arrived to Earth.
Concept Art Bruticus Combaticons Transformers 3

Combaticon: Onslaught
Concept Art Combaticons Onslaught Transformers 3

Combaticons: Swindle, his brother Rollbar, Blight and Stormcloud
Concept Art Combaticons Swindle Rollbar Blight Stormcloud Transformers 3

Combaticons: Obsidian. His alt-mode is an Apache helicopter.
Concept Art Combaticons Obsidian Transformers 3

Combaticons: Rampart (new character)
Concept Art Combaticons Rampart Transformers 3

Combaticons: Blast-Off,his alt-mode is F-117 Nighthawk
Concept Art Combaticons Blast-Off Transformers 3

Combaticons: Strika
Concept Art Combaticons Strika Transformers 3

Combaticons: Fallout and Shutdown, the chaos brothers.
Concept Art Combaticons Fallout Shutdown Transformers 3

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