Red Nintendo Wii and DSi XL in honor of Super Mario Bros

Date: October / 19 / 2010 + Comments: 0

New Super Mario Bros Wii Pack

Nintendo Europe announced a couple of new limited edition Wii and DSi XL bundles coming soon, for Mario’s 25th Anniversary.

Arriving in Europe on October 29th is the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Pack. It includes a red Wii, a red Wii Remote Plus, a red Wii Nunchuk and three Wii games (New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Wii Sports, and original edition of Donkey Kong). Donkey Kong will be pre-installed on the Wii, in homage to Mario’s first ever appearance.

The New Super Mario Bros. Nintendo DSi XL Special Edition Pack arrives first on October 22nd. It includes a limited edition red Nintendo DSi XL and New Super Mario Bros DS game. And in New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS you will control Mario through eight worlds and a total of 80 levels, battling the evil Bowser to rescue Princess Peach.

In addition to these special edition consoles, the Super Mario All-Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition will also be available on December 3rd.

Nintendo America has not released any press releases of the New Super Mario Bros. Wii Pack, DSi XL Special Edition Pack or Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition. Nintendo America has setup a special Mario’s 25th Anniversary website at, so keep a lookout there for the announcement.

In the quarter of a century since game designer Shigeru Miyamoto’s team put the finishing touches to his first major adventure, Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Mario has become one of the most globally recognised characters in the world of entertainment.

The Super Mario Bros. series is the best-selling video game series of all time, with more than 240 million units sold globally. New Super Mario Bros. Wii allows up to four players to experience an action-packed Mario platform game on Wii simultaneously for the first time.

New Super Mario DSi XL Special Edition Pack

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