Names of the First and Last Miners to be rescued (33 Chilean Miners)

Date: October / 12 / 2010 + Comments: 2

First 5 Chilean Miners to be rescued

This is the official list of the order that the 33 miners will be rescued from Copiapó Mine, Chile, the ablest will be the first to go:

  1. Florencio Ávalos Silva (the ablest)
  2. Mario Sepúlveda
  3. Juan Illanes Palma
  4. Carlos Mamani (theBolivian)
  5. Jimmy Sánchez Lagues (the youngest)

The order can change after the paramedics evaluate the conditions of each miner.

Last 3 Chilean Miners to be rescued

The strongest miners will come out last:

  1. Pedro Cortéz Contreras
  2. Ariel TiconaYáñez
  3. Luis Urzúa Irribarren (The boss and leader)

Capsule Fenix II 2

Capsule Fenix II

The workers will be taken out one by one in a metal capsule, the Fenix 2, by a pipeline of 622 meters of depth.

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  1. G. Johnston says:

    What a blessing, God was certinly with all and ther familys

  2. adasdsad says:

    lol they almost got screwed

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