First photos of miner Florencio Ávalos on the surface after his rescue

Date: October / 12 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Florencio Avalos Leads First Group of Miners to be Rescued. The first of 33 Chilean miners, Florencio Avalos, has been rescued from the San Jose mine after 69 days underground.

The capsule, Fenix 2, arriving to the surface with Florencio Ávalos inside:
First photo Florencio Ávalos Fenix 2

First photo Florencio Ávalos capsule

Florencio Ávalos using a safety helmet and sun glasses to protect his eyes from the light:
First photo face Florencio Ávalos

Miner Florencio Ávalos huging with Chilean President, Sebastián Piñera.
First photo Florencio Ávalos hug Sebastián Piñera

He is in good health:
First photo Florencio Ávalos surface

Historic moment:
First photo Florencio Ávalos

His family (wife, 2 sons and his father)
First photo miner Florencio Ávalos family

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