Megamind Third and Final Trailer

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After a great teaser and first trailer, we see more about the story of what will be Megamind, a villain and a hero were created by a wrong turn in their destinies.

Starring Will Ferrell, Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, David Cross and Jonah Hill.

Megamind is the most brilliant super-villain the world has ever known…and the least successful. Over the years, he has tried to conquer Metro City in every imaginable way. Each attempt, a colossal failure thanks to the caped superhero known as Metro Man, until the day Megamind actually defeats him in the throes of one of his botched evil plans. Suddenly, the fate of Metro City is threatened when a new villain arrives and chaos runs rampant, leaving everyone to wonder: Can the world’s biggest “mind” actually be the one to save the day?

Release Date: November 5, 2010

Megamind Second Trailer from Comic-Con 2010

Probably with this trailer Dreamworks reveals that Metro Man faked his death to dedicate to music.


Each of the three superhumans in the film has a unique color scheme: Megamind’s prominent color is blue, Metro Man is always seen with white, and Titan is colored red.

The infant Megamind’s ship lands in a prison, where he was raised to be a supervillain. This pays homage to “Red Son”, a Superman comic that had Kal-El’s ship land in Soviet Russia instead of the canonical Kansas Kent farm and explores what would happen if an alien child landed and was raised in a specific location.

The film’s plot was based on the premise: “What if Lex Luthor defeated Superman?”

Megamind’s blue skin pays homage to “Freakazoid!” (1995), (TV), another superhero spoof produced by Steven Spielberg.

Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. were approached for the role of Megamind, but both turned it down due to scheduling conflicts.

Both Megamind and Metro Man’s costumes pay homage to the DC Comics hero Captain Marvel: Metro Man sports an all-white version and Megamind a black version of Marvel’s suit, but Megamind’s suit sports a lightning bolt blazed on it, like Marvel.

Hal the cameraman is seen wearing a yellow “sad face” badge. This is a tribute to the Alan Moore comic Watchmen, where a superhero (the Comedian) wore a yellow “smiley face” badge. Considering that the Comedian was an unbalanced vigilante, this could foreshadow Hal’s corruption and instability…

The process Megamind uses to transform Hal into Titan is a homage to Captain America, who underwent a similar process that enhanced his physique (but didn’t give him superpowers however).

Metro Man quits his superhero career to become a musician. This pays tribute to an urban myth that claims music legend Elvis Presley was a fan of Captain Marvel Jr, and consequently that Captain Marvel was written in the comics as being a big fan of Elvis.

Megamind Posters

Will Ferrell and Tina Fey:
Megamind Will Ferrell Tina Fey
Megamind Roxanne reporter
Megamind Will Ferrell Brad Pitt

David Cross is Minion:
Megamind David Cross Minion

Will Ferrell is Megamind:
Megamind poster Will Ferrell

Brad Pitt is Metro Man:
Megamind Brad Pitt Metro Ma

Jonah Hill is Tighten:
Megamind Jonah Hill Tighten

Tina Fey is Roxanne:
Megamind Tina Fey Roxanne

Megamind poster: No You Can’t
Megamind Obama poster No You Cant

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