Videos of EyePet for PlayStation Move (Cool Augmented Reality)

Date: October / 06 / 2010 + Comments: 0

EyePet Sony PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move brings to the gamers the possibility to play in Augmented Reality. EyePet is a game where you interact with a small monkey (mixed with cat and dog characteristics, its species doesn’t exist) in several ways. The game looks awesome. The game will also support 3D on 3D enabled TVs. The PSP version of EyePet is scheduled for release in October 2010.

EyePet uses the camera to allow a virtual pet to interact with people and objects in the real world. Using augmented reality, the simian, gremlin-like creature appears to be aware of its environment and surroundings and reacts to them accordingly. The player can place objects in front of the animal and the game will interpret what the object is and respond to it.

Video 1: EyePet, the born of a new baby

In this video we can see how an EyePet is born from an egg, and while it is still inside the egg you can use the magic card to see how the pet is inside, like if it was a device of X-Rays.

Video 2: EyePet Gameplay

The video shows you 5 of the many things to do in EyePet:
The Robot, The Car, The Plane, Feeding, Comforting.

Video 3: EyePet Video Feature

Nicolas Doucet and Masami Kochi from Sony talk about the amazing augmented reality of EyePet.
You can even draw forms in a paper to create new toys.

Video 4: EyePet Styling

This is just a peek at all of the different ways you can customize an EyePet.

Video 5: EyePet features with the motion control

A technical explanation of how EyePet works.

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