The best photo of an Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

Date: September / 22 / 2010 + Comments: 1

best Aurora Borealis Northern Lights

This is by far the best photo of an Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). It is amazing, with no Photoshop.

Author: MichelangOle in flickr (Ole Christian Salomonsen)
Technical Details: Camera Canon 5D Mark II + Canon EF 16-35 Mark II at f/2.8, ISO2500, 7sec.

Ole says:

I shot this on the late evening of sept.16th 2010, nearby Skittenelv in the Tromso area, in northern NORWAY.

Me and my Friend Frank and Knut was out chasing the aurora, after a 30min drive outside of Tromso we pulled the car over when we found our location. Then all of a sudden all electricity in the area blacked out, it was strange, it was mysterious, it was like we could feel something was about to happen.

I had just taken of my 24mm Mark II f/1.4, and it was hard to decide weather to put my favorite lens back on, or go for the 16mm to be able to capture more. In this case I am glad I went for the 16mm.

After 45min of waiting it suddenly happened. It was like all of heaven opened and poured electric plasma light all over us! We were mesmerized, it was magic, it was almost indescribable. You get religious when you get to experience something like this. The lights were everywhere, it was difficult to decide where to shoot, we were shouting and screaming at each other in excitement, we were laughing, it was sick!!!

I shot lots of shot, some better than the rest, in this one I manged to capture not only a spectacular light-show, fast moving sparkling Aurora Borealis in both its usual bright green, but also some red/violet red color. I also managed to capture the beginning of a corona/aurora core at the left top, and 3 satellites, 1 airplane and 1 friend (Frank) shooting the light as well.

When watching Frank sitting down to the left, you can imagine how big this one was!

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  1. Lee harth says:

    WOW that is an amazing photo.

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