Hello Kitty with New Looks from Movies and Pop icons

Date: September / 21 / 2010 + Comments: 0

It is always special to see how Hello Kitty can be costumed as a lot of pop icons and movies characters… This kitty knows how to do it:

[Collection by josephsenior in flickr]
Hello Kitty LuckyHello Kitty HALOHello Kitty Clockwork OrangeHello Kitty zombieHello Kitty rorschachHello Kitty DR MANHATTAN

Hello Kitty IronKittyHello Kitty GangstaHello Kitty KirkHello Kitty SpockHello Kitty TrekHello Kitty weenHello Kitty SnowHello Kitty BoushhHello Kitty BobaHello Kitty Emperors GuardHello Kitty Scout trooperHello Kitty Rebel pilotHello Kitty c3poHello Kitty StormHello Kitty darthHello Kitty HomerHello Kitty x-menHello Kitty BuzzKittyHello Kitty UGLYBETTYHello Kitty All BlackHello Kitty GundamHello Kitty RoboKittyHello Kitty_BattyHello Kitty Kia OraHello Kitty JasonHello Kitty modelHello Kitty SmurfyHello Kitty KickyHell-oHello Kitty Captain AmerikittyHello Kitty TorchyHello Kitty InvisibleHello Kitty Mr FantasticHello Kitty ThingyHello Kitty You-know-whoHello Kitty VenomHello Kitty SpideyHello Kitty StaypuftKitty

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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