Pizza Boy game for iPhone, iPod Touch

Date: September / 17 / 2010 + Comments: 1

Pizza Boy is like a Mario Bros game for iPhone, iPod Touch.

Plot: A thief has stolen the pizza present! Oh no! You are forced to chase it through levels filled with threats and dangers but to your advantage you can throw bottles of soda. Watch out for evil birds and furious dogs while you collect pizza slices and strawberries in a yummy mix. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for lost kittens on your way ahead. In miraculous surroundings Pizza Boy is a true retro game sensation.


  • New school retro graphics: over 50 different objects together with super detailed levels and backgrounds
  • Smart touch system: completely reliable simulated buttons.
  • Music and sound effect: With distinct inspiration from Chiptunes and Electronica the music sounds like your favourite retro game and even better. 7 different tracks and more than 15 sound effects were created.
  • The World of Pizza Boy: contains about 30 minutes of hand crafted platform levels, each with its own puzzles, challenges, secrets and obstacles.
  • Over 40 different enemies, obstacles and items.
  • Collectibles and unlocks on all levels!
  • Offline, online, Facebook and Twitter highscores.
  • Epic boss fight.
  • iOS 4.0 multitask support.
  • Runs great on all iPhones and iPod touches including iPhone 2G and 3G.

:$: Price in the App Store: $1.99 (go to iTunes)

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