Sentinel Prime in Transformers 3 (Rosenbauer Panther fire truck)

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Sentinel Prime Transformers 3

Michael Bay will add the father (or predecessor) of Optimus Prime in the Transformers 3 movie: Sentinel Prime, a huge Rosenbauer Panther Fire Rescue truck, black and red. You can see a black Autobot logo in its front door. The truck looks amazing, I wonder how the robot will look-like.

Who is Sentinel Prime?

Lets see a little bit of history.

Transformers Generation 1: Marvel Comics

Sentinel Priem Optimus Prime comic Sentinel Prime originates from the original Marvel Comics Transformers series. Sentinel is the immediate predecessor of Optimus Prime, and was killed in battle on Cybertron. He is glimpsed in issue #150 of the UK comic, passing the Autobot Matrix of Leadership on to Optimus Prime. It was not made clear in this continuity who or what caused his death. His appearance resembles Rodimus Prime.

His name is taken from issue U.S. #65 (UK #290) in which all the past Matrix holders are listed and he precedes Optimus Prime.

Sentinel Prime in Transformers Movies

Yes, we already hear about him in transformers 2.

Revenge of the Fallen

Sentinel Prime is briefly mentioned in the rambling speech given by Sam Witwicky while under an All Spark fragment-induced trance.

Revenge of the Fallen Comic

While it is unknown whether or not he is one of the original Primes or if he’s in the later Dynasty of Primes, he would appear to be one of Optimus Prime’s direct ancestors.

Transformers 3

Ironhide and Sentinel Prime:
Ironhide and Sentinel Prime Transformers 3

A security guard claims that a Red/Black Rosenbauer Panther fire truck will be Sentinel Prime, and that he will be Optimus Prime’s father. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen.

Sentinel Prime videos

Quick view of the Clinton Street parking lot on August 27, 2010. The guard was telling people that the fire truck was “Sentinel Prime, the father of Optimus Prime.

Second video: Sentinel Prime chase with BumbleBee and Iron Hide.

If Sentinel Prime is Optimus Prime’s father, that contradicts the previous film’s notion that Optimus is the only Prime alive.

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