Autobot Rollbar in Transformers 3 (Red Jeep)

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Autobot Rollbar in Transformers 3

A new Transformers 3 character besides Sentinel Prime is the Autobot Rollbar. Throughout the past few days there had been numerous reports of a mysterious new Red Giant Jeep at the Transformers 3 set. Those who know G1, will immediately recognize him as Throttlebot Rollbar from that continuity.

Rollbar in Transformers: Generation 1

Alternate Mode: Jeep Wrangler

Rollbar Transformers jeep Rollbar first appeared in the animated series from 1987, as part of the Autobot Throttlebot team.

The Throttlebots are among the troops commanded by Rodimus Prime in their attempt to rescue the body of Optimus Prime from the lab of Doctor Mark Morgan. They are infected with the hate plague.

Rollbar appeared in the third season of the animated series as leader of the Throttlebots, often working in tandem with Bumblebee, although he rarely had any major roles.

Rollbar made a brief appearance in the first episode of the Japanese exclusive series Transformers: The Headmasters. He was one of the reinforcements summoned to defend Vector Sigma alongside the Dinobots, but was put to sleep by Mindwipe’s hypnotic attack.

Video of Rollbar

This jeep looks awesome!!!!

Photos of Rollbar

Autobot Rollbar set Transformers 3
red jeep Rollbar Transformers 3
jeep Rollbar Transformers 3

The T-B logo on the back of the vehicle stands for Tommy Built. This jeep has a turret in its backside, fitted with a Machine Gun and a N.E.S.T gunman will wield the weapon.

red jeep huge wheels Transformers 3

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  1. steven rosander says:

    well there is no doubt that this jeep is definitly a trailer queen. but it looks so awsome that i have to give it some credit but it still wouldn’t last ten minutes on a hard core trail.

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