Portal 2 Co-operative mode: The 2 robots (Video and photos)

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Portal 2 is slated to include a full-length co-op campaign separated from the singleplayer campaign with Chell, also consisting of tests supervised by GLaDOS, the player characters being two yet unnamed bipedal robots.

GLaDOS appears to be troubled by the robots working together, and will attempt to aggravate their relationship through verbal trickery such as praising one robot over the other.

One of the robots is to be modified from a Personality Core, the other from a Sentry Gun. Very little is known about them so far, but Valve is considering making one masculine (probably the Personality Core-based) and the other feminine (probably the Sentry Gun-based).

Each robot is to have its own Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, the capacity to transport through the portals created by the other.

Trailer for the Portal 2 Co-operative mode

The ASHPD used by the robot with the blue eye seems to be able to create two variants of blue portals. One is a light blue portal and the other is indigo, while the other robot has a light orange portal and a reddish-purple one.

In the new trailers in PAX 2010 for Co-Op, a shot of the two robot’s backs show that the core-like robot has the word “Atlas” on it, which could possibly be its true name.

While the single player campaign in Portal 2 is designed to avoid frustrating the player, the co-operative levels are more focused on coordination and communication, and are recognized by Valve as being much more difficult than the single-player puzzles.

Screenshots of Portal 2 Co-op mode: The 2 robots

Portal 2 robots co-operative mode
Portal 2 robots co-operative PAX 2010
Portal 2 robots Co-op Valve
Portal 2 robots Aperture Laboratories

ATLAS: A word in the back of the second robot, maybe ATLAS is the name for the Personality Core Robot.
Portal 2 robots ATLAS
Portal 2 robots Co-op hug
Portal 2 robots cooperative mode

They look like…

Portal 2 robots Co-op binomes

M&Ms Red and Yellow
Portal 2 robots Co-op M&Ms Red and Yellow

Pinky and Brain:
Portal 2 robots Co-op Pinky and Brain

Sully and Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc:

Portal 2 Sully and Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc

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