Review: New iPod Touch 4GEN 2010 next to iPhone 4

Date: September / 02 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Once again, the engadget guys has the new iPod touch 4th Generation in their hands to be tested (in a fast way, come on, no gyroscope test). First impression, it is smaller than the iPhone 4 (but what about than the previous iPod Touch 2009?)

In essence, it’s a much thinner iPhone 4, with no cell radio and a lower quality photo camera. The design is relatively similar to previous touches, so no major surprises there, but the inclusion of that A4 chip, higher resolution screen, and front and back cameras makes it a far more versatile device.

(n) The back camera is clearly not the same 5 megapixel shooter present on the iPhone 4, its photo resolution is 960 x 720, a huge difference. The first iPhone from 2007 was iwth a 2MP camera, so this must be a joke (sadly it’s not).

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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