Infograph: The Evolution of Video Games

Date: August / 31 / 2010 + Comments: 0

It is difficult to measure the evolution how much video games have grown over the years, but this infograph does a pretty good job. It starts comparing the power of the CPU:

  • NES: 8-bit 1.79 MHz processor, 2KB of RAM
  • SNES: 3.58 MHz processor, 128KB of RAM
  • PlayStation: 33.8 MHz processor, 2MB of RAM
  • Nintendo 64: 93.75 MHz CPU, 36MBit of RAM
  • PlayStation 2: 300 MHz CPU, 32MB of RAM
  • XBox 360: 3×3.2 GHz CPUs, 512MB of RAM
  • PlayStation 3: Power PC 3.2 GHz CPU + 7xSPE @3.2GHz, 256MB of RAM

With this exponential increases, the character of Mario have become more detailed:

  • Mario’s first appearance was an 8-bit sprite.
  • In the SNES, he became a 16-bit sprite.
  • Today, some 3D Marios exceed the 10 MB.

The cost of an atari was $896, a SNES $333, and a PS3 costs $299.

This is the infograph:

Infograph The Evolution of Video Games


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Post author: Daniel Semper

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