A 1955’s Michael Fox is the responsible of 1985’s Michael J. Fox

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Michael J. Fox Back to the Future

The real name of Back to the Future actor, Michael J. Fox, is Michael Andrew Fox (born 1961).

If you ask Michael J. Fox what the “J” in his name stands for, most of the time he’ll tell you it’s for “Jenius”.

The truth is it stands for Andrew. :|

When young Michael Andrew Fox tried to register at the Screen Actor’s Guild as Michael Fox, he found out there was a prolific veteran actor of the same name, with hundreds of film and TV roles under his belt. The Guild doesn’t allow duplicates, to avoid confusion between actors.

Michael Fox

Michael Fox (February 27, 1921 – June 1, 1996) was an American actor.

So, the future Marty McFly stuck the letter “J” in there. But the other Michael Fox guy? He debuted in the mid-50s, in the same era Back to the Future is set. In other words, if there hadn’t been a Michael Fox in the 50s, Michael J. Fox wouldn’t exist, which is exactly like the plot of the first movie. :o

And it gets better

When Marty travels to 1955, his father George McFly mentions being a huge fan of a show called Science Fiction Theatre. The show was most likely chosen because they needed to establish George as a huge nerd who had no chance with girls, and Star Trek wasn’t around at the time.

The original Michael Fox played several roles in that same show, on the exact same year, 1955.

In an episode of Science Fiction Theatre, aired on April 16 1955, there is a episode about: (S01E02 Time Is Just a Place, from wikipedia) A young couple discovers that their neighbors, who possess a sonic broom and many other technologically advanced household items, are fugitives from the future who have fled to the past (1955) to escape an oppressive government.

…which is sort of like the plot of Back to the Future only seen from the opposite perspective.

Science Fiction Theatre: S01E02 Time Is Just a Place
The protagonist is named Alan Brown, the same last-name that the Doc, Emmet Brown.

BTW, that sonic broom, it is almost identical to our iRobot Roomba !!!!
iRobot Roomba
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