Miss Universe 2010: We Love You Maria Venus Raj 22 Philippines

Date: August / 25 / 2010 + Comments: 2

4 Fans of Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj (22 years old, 175 mts) are watching Miss Universe 2010. All of them are using a white t-shirt, pijamas and are watching the Tv and screaming from a bed.

As the tension builds to learn the fate of Miss Philippines, the hilarity ensues. Then, when she makes the top 15, the reaction is priceless!

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. AkoAyPilipino says:

    To William Baldwin’s question, audience favorite Venus Raj thought out her answer in native language (Tagalog) and then blurted her response in second language (English). Psycholinguists will confirm that a non-native speaker, even if intermediate in level, may hardly be able to respond with spontaneous eloquence in second language during a time-sensitive situation in public. The hard lesson learned is that, even if a Philippine beauty candidate can speak English, she should opt to avail of interpreter service, as how Miss Mexico did. After all, Miss Universe is not a public speaking contest — it’s a beauty contest! Still, making it to Top 5 was no minor, minor feat. So here’s my sincere “MAJOR, MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS TO MISS RAJ!”

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