Sony will sell DR-GA500 and DR-GA200 headsets for enhanced gaming experience

Date: August / 19 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Sony headsets DR-GA500 DR-GA200

Both the DR-GA500 and GA200 headsets will appeal to an audience of strategy and online multiplayer games where long stretches of gameplay are the norm. They feature 40mm drive units for outstanding sound quality with resonant, living bass and crisp high frequencies, plus the Sony triple enfolding design for the last word in comfortable wear.

Both models incorporate a high quality, compact boom microphone to complete the ideal feature set for the most demanding of gamers.

Medal Of Honor Promotion

Hardware this good deserves to be put to the ultimate test. From October 15, both the DR-GA500 and DR-GA200 will come with a free copy of the new Medal Of Honor single player game.

Technical Specifications

Model DR-GA500 DR-GA200
Effects/special features 40mm drive units (Headset)

7.1ch digital surround; compression(Processor)

40mm drive units (Headset)
Controls FPS mode; compression on/off; volume; microphone mute Volume; microphone mute
Triple enfolding design Y Y
Integrated boom microphone Y Y
PC interface Analogue(7.1ch)/USB Dual plug
Cable information Headphones to signal processor 1.5M; processor to PC,       7.1ch multi analogue :1.8M  or USB 1.5M 2.5M

Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder

The DR-GA500 combines a Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder with unique Sony Virtual Phones Technology (VPT) to create convincing 7.1ch 3D surround effects. The signal processing hardware is contained in a compact external unit.

Sony Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder

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