Full Video of Lost Epilogue: The New Man In Charge

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This bonus feature will be available on both LOST: THE COMPLETE SIXTH SEASON and LOST: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION which debut on Blu-ray & DVD on August 24, 2010.

The New Man In Charge is a short epilogue after Lost Final chapter. It will be included in the Season 6 DVDs, explaining some old secrets and showing how is Benjamin Linus working for Hurley.

Here are some interesting details showed in the video:

  • We saw two Dharma employees in charge of the food that was send every-time by plane to the island.
  • Ben says: “I’m from the home office.” “There’s a new man in charge.” He is referring to Hurley.
  • Ben wants to tie up a few lose ends. (apparently he is also talking to us … great!).
  • Ben is wearing a shirt with flowers design (Hawaii?).
  • The warehouse workers are named Glenn and Hector according to the credits.
  • The palettes were loaded from Guam and sent to various coordinates indicated in the teletype.
  • The teletype says that the date is 24 06 2010
  • Teletypes comes automatically from the The Lampost Station in LA, which tracks the Island’s movements.
  • “Wait, you can’t just walk out of here! We deserve answers!” Sounds like he just finished watching the finale.
  • Station 1 is The Hydra, used for animal testing.
  • Now we know why Dr. Pierre Chang changed his name in some Dharma videos, it was just an alias for security reasons.
  • DHARMA had a mouse maze similar to Daniel’s in Cambridge.
  • A diver walks by, probably from the shark tank (presumed, seen in video game) or from The Looking Glass.
  • The HUGE Hurley Bird that screams Hurley, was a subject of genetic engineering and a hybrid of some type.
  • Polar bears were used for electromagnetic study.
  • Pierre Chang wasn’t the only DHARMA member to loose an arm.
  • Pierre Chang : “I repeat: The bears are not your friends.” LOL
  • The collar Charlotte found in Tunisia on the polar bear skeleton was a tracking device.
  • Electromagnetic effects of The Orchid have “extremely harmful effect on early term gestation”.
  • Room 23 is used for interrogation and memory wiping.
  • DHARMA believes the Hostiles are the Island’s indigenous population.
  • DHARMA thinks Jacob is the Hostile’s deity.
  • Room 23 + special chemicals + video creates amnesia in subject to erase memory of being interrogated.
  • Room 23 brainwashing is critical, otherwise they’ll learn that DHARMA was violating their truce.
  • “I think we are going to need to see that again.” Locke said this immediately after watching The Swan orientation video in The Orientation, ep 2×3.
  • Walt is in Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute under the alias of Keith Johnson, the son of Kevin Johnson (aka Michael’s alias on the freighter).
  • Walt is playing Connect 4, like Hurley in eps 1×18 and 4×01.
  • Connect 4 has 42 spots (6×7). (The Numbers)
  • Chalkboard drawing of the Island behind Ben.
  • Ben: “Because you’re special.” “We need you.” “You have work to do.” Heard that before.
  • Walt has to help his dead father, presumably to escape being a Whisper trapped on the Island, so he can move onto the afterlife.
  • Ben shares a granola bar, similar to Ben and Hurley sharing a candy bar outside Jacob’s cabin.
  • Ben’s driving the DHARMA van!
  • Hurley “I’d like to talk to you about a job.” Who knows, maybe Walt will be the future substitute of Hurley as deity in the island.


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