The SoftLayer + The Planet merge = 25,000 customers with 78,000 servers

Date: August / 06 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Hosting Companies, SoftLayer and The Planet are preparing a huge merge that will make the combined entity one of the world’s largest providers of web hosting and cloud computing services. The new company will have more than 25,000 customers and manage more than 78,000 servers.

SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby

Photo: SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby (right side)

SoftLayer CEO Lance Crosby will head the merged company, which will be based in Dallas but continue operating The Planet’s offices at its Houston headquarters.

Bain & Company will assist in integration

Doug Erwin The Planet

Doug Erwin, CEO of The Planet (photo above), said he and his team are working hard to bring the merger to fruition and build a combined company that it is more than the sum of its parts.

SoftLayer Chief Strategy Officer George Karidis will direct the integration process. Erwin said that Bain & Company has been hired to assist the companies in architecting a smooth transition of systems, customers, employees and facilities.

Combining two huge hosting companies is no picnic. Doug Erwin oversaw the post-merger integration of The Planet and EV1 Servers after GI Partners acquired both companies in 2006.

One of the things we’ve struggled with is that we inherited three different systems. It doesn’t make you very agile. We finally got ourselves to one system after four years. The migration to SoftLayer’s systems will be much easier.

– Doug Erwin, CEO of The Planet

Via Data Center Knowledge

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