Video of Sylvester Stallone talking about Brazil in the Comic-Con 2010

Date: July / 24 / 2010 + Comments: 10

This happened in The Expendables panel in San Diego’s Comic-Con 2010.
Watch the minute 2:00

Harry from Ain’t It Cool News asks Sly: That’s why you shot in Brazil. Because you can actually hurt people there, right?
Sylvester Stallone: You can. You can kill people and blow the country up and they will say: Thank you, here, and take a monkey home.

Minute 3:20
Sylvester Stallone: Brazil is a really fascinating place. It is a country of true extremes. But we could pull out what we did of just blow up huge amounts of Real Estate. It was great. It was like, everybody have some hot-dogs, we have a party tonight, we are going to barbecue this entire village and they are going to love it.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. bagual says:

    I know brazil very well and i can say that all Syl said is true! Crime rate in that country is f*king out of control, even with the “police with skull and knife that kills poor people like Rambo”, laws that protect crime makers (in brazil you can murder a whole family, rape, and cut them in pieces and you won’t get more than five years in jail), corruption everywhere (from mayors to the president, Lula is included), no schools, no hospitals, roads kills more than Iraq, people die starving in the “6th world economy” (wow!), and in the end of all, they are very happy because brazil will host olimpic games and soccer world cup. Don’t matter if their fellows are dying, the image of an “emerging power” is more important. All that a country must have to be considered a BANANA REPUBLIC.
    That is what brazil is, and SS is totally right. Now i want to watch this movie even more, and became more fan of SS. Rambo IV kicks ass!!! I hope he will make Rambo V!

  2. Fernando says:

    Bagual, you dont know Brasil bc you are not Brasilian. Can you give me the source of your coments? Is based on your impression by tv or some other weekend source? Yes…we are not the best country in the world but there is not such place as you think in the EARTH…everybody have lots of trouble in the Health care, violence and corruption include USA…dont be a hypocrite and welcome to the real world…get your ass out from the computer and try to understand how sad and unrespectfull stallone was with Brasil…he is not brasilian and is not his business

  3. Willy says:

    i’m brazilian Bagual and i’m gonna say that almost everything you are saying it’s true, i’m man enough to assume that. In Brazil you can find the best people and the worst people, we are a country of extremes, but the thing is that we are really improving. I really don’t believe that the hope that a lot of brazilians have is bad, the bad thing is pretend that everything is ok. People can be hunger here for a few days, but nobody is starving to death. We improved a lot after Fernando Henrique Cardoso politics and we are still improving, ten years ago the majority of the successful brazilians wanted to leave Brazil, to live in other countrys, but now people are really believing in Brazil. For sure there are more important things than host olympic games and the World cup and i’m truly against that happening here, with this money we would be able to solve a lot of other problems, but the country is trying to create an identity. (sorry for my bad english)

  4. Astete says:

    Bagual, that’s exactly why USA has become such a declining place: arrogance, ignorance and self deception. The United States was once an admired concept of nation and democracy. By now you have enemies everywhere, your industry is loosing the battle, progressively, the europeans have long ago forgotten all you did for their countries (soldiers, weapons, ships, cheap money, reconstruction) only to be treated with respect, as a newly leading country. You are facing the fall, just like other empires of the past, Rome, Spain, Great Britain. But your time will be the briefest, Rome was all powerful for 600 years, Spain was an outstanding and daring nation for 2 centuries, the British reached the XIX century as the largest world empire and are still falling since WWII (and still remain a rich country). But you will lead the world for only 100 years, and not be respecfull with your most important neighbor (yes, you are our neighbors, more than you think, even if you would prefer to be next to europe) is not helping. Ask to Obama…

  5. Lore says:

    I love it!!

    We need someone from out of Brazil to go there and rub the truth on our faces!!!!!
    I’m Brazilian and I know exactly what he is talking about!
    Brazilians get mad at what he said because they know it’s true!
    And when we have someone famous world wise there, we try to HIDE the Fu***** truth!!!
    That’s the reality in Brazil!!!!! He is sooo right!

  6. Maria Kerr says:

    Dear SS, maybe instead of a cuddly monkey the reporter should have give you a mirror!! So you could have a good look at yourself and think about places in USA such as Baltimore and Maryland or maybe New Orleans after the hurricane Katrina…I am sure is not the best description of a paradise and no where near close the best description of a 1st WORLD.

  7. DANILO says:

    I am Brazilian and I confirm what Sly said of visible violence, knife in skull scare anyone, and the joke was about the excessive joy of the Brazilian people. Sly was here for a few months and understand the situation, no one is so stupid to not understend, Brazilian is only patriotic when others speak of him, but he can speak about everyone.

  8. Barbara says:

    I have to say one thing. Brazil is not made only of Rio de Janeiro. Rio is only a small part of Brazil. Our country is really big, one of the biggest. So please don’t think that all the cities are like Rio, don’t base your opinion in that. There are so many good places with not much of that violence.

  9. Jose Armando says:

    I’m Brazilian. My wife is american and I use to live there… There’s places like Jersey City, Newark, etc, where I scape from criminals trying to steal me. Things that never happened to me in Sao Paulo, Brazil..
    In USA I was mistreated many times in buses and stores… And i would say it could be called “Stuff White Trash People DO” (Important to say: not black people cz they were nicer with me). The hospitals???? the hospitals in America and there crap services! Brazilians who say bad stuff about Brazilians hospitals, they probably never went in an American one, LOL!

    My parents ‘n’ law got amused with the hospital in Brazil. My wife had our baby in the best hospital and Sao paulo and we’re not rich, we only have a Health Insurance…
    Ok, I’m not from Rio de Janeiro. i’m from Sao Paulo. But, still: we hv nice places in Rio. We hv no doubt about violence and poorness in Brazil. But, Americans: stop to hide your shit (Did you ever watch “Ironweed” with Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep? No, of course, you guys like the trash SSS movies, of course…). Go researsh Americans and “SS Brazilian friends”, Get real!
    Our subways are better than the ones in your country… taxi, buses, hospitals, bathrooms in malls (god, come here to learn about “how to be clean”, take one shower per day like us), you guys sometimes remind me French people… If you know what I mean…
    Not gonna even try to correct my English mistakes here cz you guys don’t even care about any other languages, right?
    And what about Stallone? He barely canbtalk!!! LOL!
    Wow, Did I offend you guys…? Sorry, just giving the “monkeys” and the “xenophobia” back…

    Detail: My American wife loved and enjoy so much Brazil that she never wants to comeback to her own prejudice country!

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