The Vuvuzelas of the World Cup in South Africa

Date: June / 13 / 2010 + Comments: 2

Vuvuzelas Mundial Sudáfrica

A vuvuzela, is a stadium horn, is a blowing horn approximately 1 m (3 ft 3 in) in length, and it is made by plastic. It is commonly blown by fans at football matches in South Africa. The instrument requires some lip and lung strength to blow and emits a loud monotone B note. A similar instrument (known as corneta in Brazil and other Latin American countries) is used by football fans in South America.

:glup: The sound level of the instrument has been measured at 131 dB(A) at the opening of the horn and at 113 dB(A) two metres in front of the opening, both dangerously high levels for unprotected ears.

The Confederations Cup FIFA received complaints from multiple European broadcasters who wanted it banned for the 2010 FIFA World Cup because the sound drowns out the commentators. Prior to the event Netherlands coach Bert van Marwijk and Spanish midfielder Xabi Alonso also called for a ban, the latter saying the horns make it hard for players to communicate and concentrate while adding nothing to the atmosphere.

During the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Hyundai and a local South African advertising agency called Jupiter Drawing Room created the largest working vuvuzela in the world — 114 feet (35 m) long — on an unfinished flyover road in Cape Town. The vuvuzela is powered by several air horns attached at the mouth piece end, and it will be blown at the beginning of each of the World Cup matches.

A ban of the vuvuzela

On 13 June 2010 the BBC reported that the South African organizing chief Danny Jordaan is considering a ban of the vuvuzela during matches

In the following video a German girl explain to us how to blow a vuvuzela:

The next video a vuvuzela maker talks about the tradition of the South African football and the vuvuzelas.


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  1. Capello Fabio says:

    Now it has started and it’s a bug, there are a couple of petitions online to ban the vuvuzela from the World Cup. Here’s one:

  2. Michael says:

    What a let down. I can not even watch the world cup on my tv in New Zealand, it is the most irritating … horrible… Terrible noise I have ever heard. We can’t hear the old singing or cheering, just a monotonous drone of this pipe from hell.
    PLEASE FIFA BAN this thing so we can watch the rest of the world cup in piece!

    I don’t even want to watch the rest of the games because of this thing called the vuvuzela. What does that mean anyway? Horn from hell!?

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