Robbie Williams: Morning Sun (video)

Date: May / 31 / 2010 + Comments: 1

This is the new video of Robbie Williams for his song: Morning Sun. He sings while is dressed as an astronaut in a space mission. This is the third single from the album: Reality Killed The Video Star.


Robbie Williams Reality Killed The Video Star How do you rate the morning sun,
after a long and sleepless night
How many stars would you give to the moon
Do you see those stars from where you are
Shine on the lost and loneliest
The ones who can’t get over it
And you always wanted more than life
But now you don’t have the appetite
In a message to the troubadour
The world don’t love you anymore
Tell me how do you rate the morning sun.

Stuck inside the rainbow years. And you could happen to me
Because I’ve been close to where you are
I drove to places you have seen
It all seems so familiar, like they’d been sent to kill you
It doesn’t take an astronaut to float into space
is just a thought.

The morning sun brings a mystery
The evening makes it history
Tell me how do you rate the morning sun.

Robbie Williams – Morning Sun (Live in Berlin 2009)

10,000 fans were present in this concert. (Germany)

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