Robbie Williams: Blasphemy (concert with orchestra)

Date: May / 31 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Blasphemy has become my favorite Robbie Williams song of this year. It is from his latest album Reality Killed The Video Star where we already saw him dressed as a rabbit and an astronaut. Sadly this song doesn’t have an official videoclip, so the above video is from a concert (BBC Electric Proms 2009), which is quite good thanks to the live orchestra that plays for Robbie.

Blasphemy is the last song composed by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers.

I love its lyrics and violins :)

A bit of the Lyrics

The Egyptians built their pyramids. The Romans did what they did.
Now everything has come down to this. It’s just you and I our kid.
We could send a million to the moon. But why can’t I get on with you.
With cellophane around my mouth. Stops the anger seeping out.

Our deaf and dumb dinners. Gravy in the mud.
No singles just fillers. Sometimes I wish I could.
But …

I can’t behave. I know it’s not the heathen in me
It’s just that I’ve been bleeding lately
Internally, don’t turn to me
bite your tongue, the torrid weapon.
You could learn a useful lesson.

What’s so great about the great depression?
It is not a blast for me.
It is blasphemy.

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