Elephant painting other elephants

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The name of this TALENTED elephant is Hong, this is in Thailand. This shows how some animals have a precious souls and can create art and masterpieces. Hong likes to paint the shape of an elephant holding a red flower with the trunk.

Hong is an 8 year old female elephant who has a very curious nature and loves to investigate everything and once managed to use her trunk to open the door of a truck. This kind of curiosity made Hong a natural candidate for artistic instruction. She has so much control and dexterity with her trunk which allows her to create advanced realistic paintings. Hong is always rewarded with bananas and sugar cane after she finishes her paintings.

Hong painting elephant

When Thailand cut back on logging, at least 3,000 domesticated elephants were no longer needed for hauling and these wonderful creatures are facing unprecedented survival challenges. Hong’s amazing art is being sold to help save the demising number of Asian elephants remaining on our planet and to protect them from people using them for illegal logging or begging for handouts on city streets. Proceeds are used to keep their native habitats as well as caretaker education, veterinarian care, and food for domesticated elephants.

Positive behavioral training techniques and non-toxic paints are used while Hong explores her sense of style.

Explanation about this Elephant’s art and talent

Elephants are one of the smartest and most intelligent species, on par with apes and dolphins. Hong learned her art in 5 years.

The elephant’s trunk has more than 40,000 muscles compared with just 840 in the entire human body, so it is incredible precise. Elephants have also an equivalent of an opposing thumb.

You can buy some of this painting in Giclee Prints, at a price of $19.95 to $700 Here

Elephant painting

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