Megamind’s first trailer

Date: May / 24 / 2010 + Comments: 2

I don’t really care if this is brought by the same people that made Shrek, with this first trailer, my devotion to Megamind is a fact. It looks great, has terrific graphics, humor and good characters. We can sense the style of Monsters Vs Aliens, which is not weird since both have the same director.

The song Highway to Hell from AC/DC sounds great in this trailer, and it was used before in its teaser.

Megamind is a mix of Dragon Ball, Superman and the short Dr.Horribles.Sing-Along Blog.


  • Brad Pitt Metro Man
  • Will Ferrell Megamind
  • Tina Fey Roxanne Ritchi
  • Jonah Hill Titan

Director: Tom McGrath (Madagascar, Monsters Vs Aliens)

Release Date: November 5, 2010

And this is Megamind’s first poster:

Megamind poster

What I really enjoy from Megamind is his sidekick, the fish in a bowl with a huge robot body:

Megamind fish bowl robot

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