Example of a 3D video in YouTube

Date: May / 16 / 2010 + Comments: 2

YouTube has just launched the possibility of watching 3D videos with a special options menu to change the format that suits the best to our type of glasses or technique. You just have to press the “3D” button to watch the different options, and the changes will be done in real time to the video, without reloading it. This is a great move form Youtube.

Sadly the 3D button only appears in the YouTube page of the video, and not in the embedded ones.

The options to watch these 3D videos are:

Red / Cyan glasses: Full Color
Red / Cyan glasses: Optimized (Dubois)
Red / Cyan glasses: B&W
Amber / Blue glasses: Full Color
Amber / Blue glasses: B&W
Green / Magenta glasses: Full Color
Green / Magenta glasses: B&W
Mirror Split
Row Interleave 1 (alpha test)
Row Interleave 2 (alpha test)
Left Image only
Right Image only

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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