Transformers 3: The new cars as alternate mode of the Autobots

Date: May / 15 / 2010 + Comments: 3

Transformers 3 Megan Fox Bumblebee

Photo: Megan Fox thinks she is filming Transformers 4 … XD

This are some pictures of the Transformers 3 backstage, and we can see some new car models and updates for the famous Autobots.

This is Bumblebee’s New Camaro, it has a Spoiler of Carbon fiber in the backside,the black lines are more separated, new Side-Windows (they are more “Pointy” than previous versions), new Side-Skirts, newly added Front Splitter, Redesigned Fog Lights with a Guard, etc.

Transformers 3 Camaro 2010 Bumblebee

Transformers 3 Camaro spoiler Bumblebee

Optimus Prime, with no changes:
Transformers 3 Optimus Prime

Ratchet will be green and white:
Transformers 3 Ratchet green white

Two Ironhides, with no changes:
Transformers 3 Ironhide

The new twins are now black with color stripes. Skidz (green) and Mudflap (orange).
Transformers 3 Mudflap black orange
Transformers 3 Mudflap new
Transformers 3 Mudflap Skidz twins

A Grafitti that says: Autobots Logo … GO Home
Transformers 3 Graffiti Autobots go home

Release Date: July 1, 2011

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  1. kyle says:

    If you do this again transformer 4? please take back megan fox to the role because it’s good in the past 2 episodes it so realy fantastic not like the 3rd not to much good because the spirit of the 2 is not working to much not like megan in shai was to wonderful cast for me, I like to see them again play together megan in shai, it will be work, i love this fil so much.. but? there will be transformer ? thats my big question for me?

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