Google with new logo and results page

Date: May / 05 / 2010 + Comments: 0

In the screenshot below these lines we can see:

1.- The old look in Google’s main page. The font had 3 effects, a white inside glow, a black inside glow and a gray shadow. The URL links were underlined and color blue (RGB #0000CC).

2.- The new look in Google’s main page, which started to spread on May 3rd 2010. The font only has 1 effect, a white internal glow. Its colors look very crispy. There is no TM (TradeMark) sign. The links are with a lighter blue (RGB #4272DB) and are not underlined anymore. The buttons are a little bit bigger too.

3.- The new results page, mainly has a new sidebar to the left with links and icons to Google’s sub-crawlers such as Images, Videos, News, Books, Blogs, Shopping, Maps, Updates (from twitter), Discussions, etc.

This new look looks better, very modern and fresh, well done Google !!!

New Google look logo

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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