First photo of Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Date: April / 30 / 2010 + Comments: 1

photo Chris Hemsworth as Thor

This is the first photo of actor Chris Hemsworth wearing his suit as the Marvel hero, the god of Thunder, Thor, son of the Asgardian Odin.

This new live-action movie directed by Kenneth Branagh will premiere in May 6, 2011.

This Thor armor seems to be based in Marvel’s mainstream “Thor” series rather than the “Ultimate” version of Thor. We will have as well a Thor with beard.

Chris Hemsworth is famous for playing the role of George Kirk (James’ father) in Star Trek (2009). But he is not alone, big HOLLYWOOD names are also part of the cast, such as Anthony Hopkins, who will be playing as Odin and Natalie Portman will be Jane Foster.

This is THE MIGHTY THOR!!!!!

Marvel comic Thor

Via Mtv Splash Page

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