List of Codes to insert all of our Emoticons

Date: April / 26 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Some of our readers have asked the special codes to insert certain emoticons in the comments.

This post is a reference to all of our loyal readers.

You must write each code between blank spaces, like this


These are the codes for all of our emoticons: (some are taken from Skype IM)

 xD  ^_^  T_T  O_o  ;)  :|  :zzz:  :yeah:  :x  :time:  :sun:  :save:  :roll:  :rock:  :rain:  :puke:  :party:  :ouch:  :o  :music:  :movie:  :monkey:  :mobile:  :mmm:  :mail:  :jajaja:  :inlove:  :hit:  :hellokitty:  :hellokitty3d:  :hello:  :glup:  :geek:  :flower:  :envy:  :emo:  :download:  :devil:  :cool:  :coffee:  :camera:  :call:  :cake:  :box:  :blush:  :beer:  :bear:  :angry:  :advice:  :PC:  :P  :<3:  :</3:  :)  :(  :$:  :!:  -_-  (y)  (n)  (*) 

And here are their respective icons (in the same order):

xD ^_^ T_T O_o ;) :| :zzz: :yeah: :x :time: :sun: :save: :roll: :rock: :rain: :puke: :party: :ouch: :o :music: :movie: :monkey: :mobile: :mmm: :mail: :jajaja: :inlove: :hit: :hellokitty: :hellokitty3d: :hello: :glup: :geek: :flower: :envy: :emo: :download: :devil: :cool: :coffee: :camera: :call: :cake: :box: :blush: :beer: :bear: :angry: :advice: :PC: :P :<3: :</3: :) :( :$: :!: -_- (y) (n) (*)

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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