Videos of Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Date: April / 17 / 2010 + Comments: 0

This Eclipse’s sneak peek shows actor Xavier Samuel (Riley) saying it is a full scale war. Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) says that Victoria is back to kill Bella and Edward. Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) Clarifies that Bella is the reason of James death. Kristen Stewart (Bella ) just repeats the same. Bryce Dallas Howad (Victoria) mentions one more time that it is all about her character’s revenge. And we see the director David Slade directing the movie.

The emo vampires and the werewolves will team together to fight against Victoria and a group of very strong vamps.

JAJAJA, Taylor Lautner is backfliping after eating some grapes.

Bella and Edward on the bed

Bella and Edward talk (while lying together on the bed) about the consequences of transforming Bella into a vampire. Edward confesses that he has no soul.

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