10 minutes of Alan Wake game

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The Alan Wake game looks very detailed in graphics, ambient, and what is most important, the story seems to be great, very elaborated. In these 10 minutes of the gameplay we can see how it starts in a dream, where the enemy is inside the darkness and Alan has to defend himself using the light, like with a lantern and a flare gun.

Release Date: May 18 2010.

Alan Wake box XBox 360

Alan Wake is a thriller game with some psychological suspense, it will be developed only for the XBox 360. It is inspired by Lost, Twin Peaks and Stephen King. It is developed by Remedy Entertainment, the same study that created the “Max Payne” saga.

Enjoy these screenshots:

Alan Wake logo game
Alan Wake car
Alan Wake elevator
Alan Wake tractor
Alan Wake city lake
Alan Wake Christmas lights
Alan Wake library
Alan Wake woods
Alan Wake bomb
Alan Wake house
Alan Wake horse
Alan Wake game crane
Official Website: www.alanwake.com

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