iPhone: Opera Mini has bugs when rendering web pages

Date: April / 13 / 2010 + Comments: 2

Opera Mini 5 is now available in the App Store, and it has some bugs while rendering some web pages. The main objective of a browser is not its velocity to load a webpage, but to render it correctly respecting the standards, so the page is visually identical as it was designed.

Here are some bugs that I found while surfing with Opera Mini 5 in my iPod Touch: (I am comparing it with Safari)

Safari iPhone CSS render
Opera Mini 5:
Opera Mini iPhone CSS render

Videos:Since Opera Mini doesn’t reads all the JavaScript, the YouTube videos embedded in my posts are not present, in the other hand Safari (without a flashplayer) shows a Thumbnail with an image preview of the video an a link to open it in the Youtube App.

Text: The width and size of the paragraphs are noticeable. Without making zoom, in Safari we are able to read the text, but in Opera Mini it is so small that just looks as black dots, and the width where they are presented is incorrect, showing a blank space to the right side. Not even the title is showed in the correct font size.

CSS3: Safari renders correctly almost all the CSS3 attributes, such as rounded corners, box shadows, and so on, but Opera Mini only shows some font shadows and that’s it.

JavaScript: the JS in Safari has no problems. But it doesn’t work in Opera Mini. So no AdSense is shown, and my twitter widget (in the sidebar) doesn’t works, it only shows one tweet and nothing else, no more updates as it should work.

Landscape View

iPhone Safari Landscape
Opera Mini 5:
iPhone Opera Mini Landscape

The Landscape view is activated when we rotate the screen to its horizontal position.

Opera Mini doesn’t resize the page in Landscape View, so it leaves a blank space to the right side.

If you load a page in Landscape View, and then rotates it to the Normal View, it doesn’t resizes, so the page looks bigger.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. Lars Gunther says:

    Rounded corners is still experimental and not implemented according to the standard in Safari, so that’s a bad test.

    Opera Mini uses proxy technology to shrink the page load. That will of course mean some trade offs. As for HTML and CSS Opera Mini does an excellent job.

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