Clash of the Titans gets 31/100 from the critic

Date: April / 12 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Clash of the Titans 2010 One of the most respected pages for movie qualifications and reviews, Rotten Tomatoes, has given 31% to Clash of the Titans and after seeing it achieved the second place in the Box Office in its second week, against a normal comedy, one can figure out that the movie doesn’t deliver and a lot of people will be disappointed.

These are some comments from RTomatoes:

(n) Visually, Titans makes 300 look like the painstaking work of a Renaissance master. … But on a story level, it’s got an old-fashioned dumbness that’s endearing.

(n) Sam Worthington proves what I suspected after Avatar: that he was only charismatic in Terminator Salvation because he was standing next to Christian Bale.

(n) Kept waiting for the kraken, and when it finally showed up, it was a big bore. Corny dialogue and lack of suspense make this a dull ride.
Paul Chambers, CNN.

(n) This would be a completely awful one-star disaster if not for some of the monsters – the Kraken is formidable enough, but Medusa is even better. She’s almost worth the price of admission, but she deserves a better movie than this one.

(y) The 3-D is underwhelming; the movie’s not so bad.

(n) On a purely visual level, this standard-brand, CGI-gorged remake of the Ray Harryhausen fantasy adventure is worth watching %u2013 for the Medusa scene alone.


In the other hand, How to train your dragon gets 98%.

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