Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie: The Tourist

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Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie The Tourist

Finally Johnny Depp has to act as a beau, without extravagant clothes or makeup. A lot of fans will full the movie thaters to see him perform as a handsome man, in the movie The Tourist, where he acts with Angelina Jolie. It was filmed in Venice Italy, and some says it has a long and intensive intimate scene, there were some rumors that Depp’s girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis, wanted to forbidden that scene and asked Depp to resign to the project. (we still don’t know the end of this issue)

For the fans, Johnny Depp is 46 years old (June 9, 1963) and Angelina Jolie is 34 (June 4, 1975).

Release Date: 2011 (there is no exact date)
Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (Das Leben der Anderen)

The Tourist is a remake of the 2005 film: Anthony Zimmer, which is not a comedy, romance or drama, The Tourist is a thriller, some say with an unexpected end, in the Hitchcock style. (y)

At the the beginning other names were considered for the project, Alfonso Cuarón was considered to be the director, and the leading role was offered to Tom Cruise, then to Sam Worthington (Clash of the Titans) and finally to Johnny Depp. Charlize Theron was originally going to play Angelina Jolie’s role. (IMDB Trivia)

Plot: Revolves around Frank, an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart.


  • Johnny Depp as Frank Taylor
  • Angelina Jolie as Cara Mason
  • Paul Bettany (he was in Legion, Da Vinci Code, A Knight’s Tale)
  • Rufus Sewell as an English man. (he was in A Knight’s Tale)

Photos of Johnny Depp in The Tourist

These are come pictures from the filming:

Johnny Depp The Tourist airport
Johnny Depp The Tourist balcony
Johnny Depp The Tourist
Johnny Depp The Tourist beard
Johnny Depp The Tourist chandelier
Johnny Depp The Tourist evening
Johnny Depp The Tourist suit

Photos of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie filming The Tourist

romance Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie The Tourist
Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie The Tourist director
Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie The Tourist balcony
Johnny Depp The Tourist ship bout
Angelina Jolie The Tourist
ship bout Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie The Tourist

Johnny Depp wearing pajamas

Johnny Depp, the Sexiest Man Alive (according to People magazine) is not afraid to walk around Venice in nothing but his pajamas and a smile! Johnny Depp was dressed in some striped pajamas during the filming of his new movie The Tourist at the Mercato del Pesce on March 15, 2010 in Venice, Italy.

Johnny Depp wearing pajamas Venice
Johnny Depp wearing pajamas Italy
Johnny Depp wearing pajamas The tourist
Johnny Depp wearing pajamas scene
Johnny Depp with pajamas
Johnny Depp wearing pajamas movie
Johnny Depp wearing pajamas verdures

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