3 minutes of Futurama S06E01: Rebirth

Date: April / 06 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Rebirth is the title of the first Episode of Futurama’s Season 6, which premieres in June 24 2010. (Season 5 is formed by the 4 movies). This are the first 3 minutes, still in early drawings and sound effects but with a solid idea of what will happen to our beloved characters after entering to that black hole, which was the ending of “Into the Wild Green Yonder”.

Fry doesn’t remember what just happened, but that will be solved by the professor, who tells him that they just entered to the Panama Worm Hole (we watch this before in the teaser). But they will crash, the professor commands to activate the Safety Spheres (and I can’t tell you more) XD

Some Fan colorized some storyboard frames and this is the result, looks like the original !!!


:!: After watching the first video: Kif and Dr. Zoidberg looks accurate, but Bender does not, ¿he has human bones?.

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