Epic Review of Avatar (Comparing it with Titanic)

Date: April / 05 / 2010 + Comments: 0

RedLetterMedia is becoming an expert of doing epic clever reviews of movie (For Example Attack of the Clones). This guy only focuses in the mistakes, wrong parts and a lot of sarcastic humor, but with a lot of sense.

This 20 minutes Review Shows us why Avatar is almost the same as Titanic and other movies:

1.- The Story. Dances with Wolves in the Space. We know how Avatar will end based in the trailer.
2.- The Audience. Make the Audience hate the villains. Insert a love story. After romance comes the disaster.
3.- What’s RIGHT with your face?. The Na’vi have Disney eyes for sympathy.

We love the Na’vi. The Na’vi are not an ugly alien species like in other films.
4.- What was the ultimate point of this movie? James Cameron want to be the King of the World, a huge Box Office success, and become the director that revolutionizes the movie technology with the 3D filming.
Avatar is a mix of Titanic and Aliens.
Avatar and Titanic premiered in Winter (December) when there is no competence.
5.- In conclusion Impressive Visual Effects. But Stupid things started to happen at the end. While the movie was in 3D , the Story ant the characters stuck in 1 dimension.

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