Next Google PageRank Update: July 2010

Date: April / 03 / 2010 + Comments: 38

Google Pagerank values explained

Since the last Google PageRank update was done April 2, 2010. The next PageRank update will be scheduled by Google somewhere around the first week of July 2010, as every update generally is displayed for public viewing every 4 months, it is very probable that it will be in July.

There are no rules about this, if Google wants to update the public value of PageRank every 1 or 6 months, it is just up to them.

In reality, there is a private value of PR only visible to Google that changes everyday.

Good luck to everybody !!!

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. Souk Lubnan says:

    It is the first of july and no pagerank update yet.

  2. PRdisplay says:

    Thanks a lot for info :)

  3. Rashid Javed says:

    PR is expected to be updated at the end of july or beginning of august. First PR update occured on 4 April After 4 months

  4. Accounting for Management says:

    Google has now started updating after every 4 months. Nest update will be at the end of July or st the beginning of August.

  5. Bianca says:

    So many SEO experts now dispute the power of page rank altogether. We may be weighing it too heavily. I see low page rank beat high page rank all the time.

  6. Fortedev says:

    Hopefully today!

  7. iamronel says:

    im still waiting for it..huuhu

  8. cografya says:

    very nice information, Thanks…

  9. IT-Design says:

    Next update(July 2010) must be this week…

  10. Rucksack says:

    Anyone noticed any changes as of yet>

  11. Mark says:

    we have put alot of effort on several customer sites over the last 3 months and are anxious as well. As for whether or not PR matters, sure it does. Any Metric that Google shares with us is worthing tracking and working to improve on. We don’t how they use it, but if they publish it, we should pay attention.

  12. Mohsin says:

    Yep, after google April Page rank Update, google update some of blogs PR on 1st-5th of June,2010 check out here for more details

    that indicate that may july PR update gets delayed and will be near about 1st Week Of August.

    Hope that will bring happiness among webmasters :)

  13. Miguel says:

    Waiting foro the update too…

  14. Kamal Hasa says:

    It’s July 16th and no trace of Google update. Hope it is done this weekend!

  15. Cargo Shorts says:

    Google seems to be doing some strange things to my SERPs today, I’m up and down like a yoyo….! Maybe they are making some changes to PR also..

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