Next Google PageRank Update: July 2010

Date: April / 03 / 2010 + Comments: 38

Google Pagerank values explained

Since the last Google PageRank update was done April 2, 2010. The next PageRank update will be scheduled by Google somewhere around the first week of July 2010, as every update generally is displayed for public viewing every 4 months, it is very probable that it will be in July.

There are no rules about this, if Google wants to update the public value of PageRank every 1 or 6 months, it is just up to them.

In reality, there is a private value of PR only visible to Google that changes everyday.

Good luck to everybody !!!

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. baton says:

    So many predictions :)
    > private value of PR
    really? Where to read more about this?

  2. John DENIS says:


    You can check your google pagerank for all your website using


  3. John says:

    Good news !!!

    I will be waiting for it. (y)

  4. Cleaning Master says:

    I just miss the previous update. waiting for the next PR update.
    thank you

  5. baton says:

    John DENIS, thank you, but I asked about “private value of PR”.
    It’s a first time I hear about it

  6. d3so says:

    Thanks for the head up. Now I can focus on building my links for one month. Hopefully, I’ll increase from a PR 1.

  7. Mauro Abate says:

    We all work for a PR increase, however in my experience it doesn’t change (if not minimally) the SERPs (search engine positions), but primarily it makes a website authoritative in most web managers, so they will be inclined to exchange links with your site, which increases in effectively the SERPs for the given keywords of the anchor text in the hyperlink.
    Because it is a faulty, unpredictable and inadequate method, hopefully one day there will be more accurate ways of determining a website value.

  8. Bajar de Peso says:

    One thing makes me happy and that’s the consistency of the PR updates. Last one had taken place in January 02/03, so this one is being rolled exactly three months after. I hope Google will finally keep a regular pace with the PageRank updates, as this would give more certainty to webmasters.

  9. Hamilton Web Design says:

    I have noticed that although there is a gradual upward movement of rankings, they always take a big leap up (or down) when the pr update happens.

    It’s like Christmas 4 times a year for me, I love it!

    I might have a google pr update party this year.

  10. Mike says:

    I think it may happen in last of the jun and minor update has already happened in start June 2010

  11. says:

    Waiting for the update as soon as possible

  12. Emperor Inc. says:

    Good news !!!

    Waiting for the update as soon as possible

  13. best chrome extensions says:

    i am desperately waiting for this ,hope its a good news for me

  14. tempo dulu says:

    It doesn’t really affect anything. PR is so old hat.

  15. christian wallpapers says:

    I think next update can be by the end of July..again it is all mere predictions…

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