The Expendables: with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis

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The Expendables is a MEGA action movie like Rambo, full of tough guys, guns, fights, battles and adrenaline with no CGI effects, this is oldschool, with our favorite actors from the 80’s action movies.

Director: Sylvester Stallone
Release Date: 13 August 2010

Plot: A team of mercenaries head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.

(y) In the trailer we see Arnold Schwarzenegger saying to Bruce Willis to give a chance to Sylvester Stallone because he likes to fight in the jungle, which is a direct reference to Rambo. And almost at the end Terry Crews (White Chicks)says to Jet Li that he counts for half a man XD.

Another good re-encounter is Dolph Lundgren who in Rocky IV (1985) was the Russian boxer Ivan Drago .


  • Sylvester Stallone as Barney “The Schizo” Ross
  • Jason Statham as Lee Christmas
  • Jet Li as Bao Thao
  • Dolph Lundgren as Gunnar Jensen
  • Eric Roberts as Monroe
  • Randy Couture as Toll Road
  • Steve Austin as Dan Paine
  • David Zayas as General Garza
  • Giselle Itié as Sandra
  • Terry Crews as Hale Caesar
  • Mickey Rourke as Tool

Invited Actors

  • Bruce Willis as Mr. Church
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Trench
  • Brittany Murphy
  • Danny Trejo

The Expendables poster

Who couldn’t be in the cast

(Via IMDB trivia)

  • Wesley Snipes (Demolition Man – 1993) was offered the role of Hale Ceasar but couldn’t accept because, due to his tax problems, he wasn’t allowed to leave the United States without the courts approval.
  • Steven Seagal was asked to play a cameo but turned it down due to negative connections with producer Avi Lerner.

And more important Trivia:

  • The initial budget for the film was $60 million but increased to $70-$80 million.
  • On October 24th, 2009, Sylvester Stallone was joined on screen for the first time since 1993, with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. The scene, which took six hours to film, sets up the plot of the film.
  • This film marks Arnold Schwarzenegger’s first film in six years. He last appeared in Disney’s Around the World in 80 Days (2004).
  • Brittany Murphy’s final feature film.
  • Sylvester Stallone broke his neck while filming the fight scene with Steve Austin.
  • West Coast Customs (from Mtv show Pimp My Ride) have built 3 customized 1955 Ford F100s for the film. One was built for a crash scene, the second for green-screen, and the third for Stallone to keep.

The Expendables poster 2

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