Chatroulette: Basically, three people in last 5 minutes didn’t like what you have broadcasted

Date: April / 02 / 2010 + Comments: 55

Chatroulette has implemented a new Security System against some disturbing people in the service, or users who are just annoying, disrespecting the community rules, or just for being plain boring.

If 3 users in 5 minutes press the button: Report (F2), you (your IP) are banned from the service, and this message will pop everytime you will try to use it:

Basically, three people in last 5 minutes didn’t like what you have broadcasted and that’s why you’ve lost this game. You’ve been blocked for 40 minutes.

Update: Now the time is 10 minutes.

Looking at the Chatroulette’s XML Code the time of being blocked is a variable, so it won’t always be 40 minutes, maybe if more people report you it can be higher.

… You’ve been blocked for $_OPTIONS_BAN_TIME_MIN minutes.

The only solution to manage a HUGE COMMUNITY is giving some powers to the users.

I also recommend you to read: Complete Guide to Chatroulette (y)

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. Josh says:

    Chatroulette was a lot of fun and what not until I got banned for no apparent reason. Should be when reporting people a form pops up that will take a couple of minutes to fill out for the person you are reporting. A lot of those who are just abusing the report button will be discouraged because of the time it will take to fill out the form.

  2. Josh says:

    Unless that already happens?

  3. Sparkyshot says:

    Wow, this rule sucks. I ran into some guys that asked me to take my top off, I said no and they reported me, and now I’m banned PERMANENTLY.

  4. Sparkyshot says:

    Chat roulette is now very very corrupt since a proxy doesn’t work either. (just like mibbit)

  5. Criss x33333 says:

    Hi, I was gespert no reason? I find the complete miss of you because I have done nothing … here is my ip address 89,204,137,239;) would be happy right where I would come back clean;) Yours Criss =)

  6. AreOhDee says:

    I am banned forever….or until i do that ChatRoulette community service…thats a great way to get people to comebcak a round of applause for mr F2

  7. Banned for Hangman! says:

    I setup a Hangman game because I was bored and tired of the nudity. I figured any age
    can play Hangman. Boom , i get banned…. weird !!

  8. danny says:

    I’ve been banned for 3 days for no reason. We need to boycott chatroulette for doing this, besides they invade your privacy by taking a picture of you without your concent. There are many other programs out there like chatroulette, I won’t bother with chatroulette’s bs.

  9. Gar says:

    chatroulette is SHIT.

    I thought I’d try it after seeing trytzy having a laugh on it…

    I was fully clothed.. not trolling.. I had to endure lots of men masturbating…

    then I was banned for 24 hours.

    Not one conversation.

    Chatroulette… you are shit.

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