Chatroulette: Basically, three people in last 5 minutes didn’t like what you have broadcasted

Date: April / 02 / 2010 + Comments: 55

Chatroulette has implemented a new Security System against some disturbing people in the service, or users who are just annoying, disrespecting the community rules, or just for being plain boring.

If 3 users in 5 minutes press the button: Report (F2), you (your IP) are banned from the service, and this message will pop everytime you will try to use it:

Basically, three people in last 5 minutes didn’t like what you have broadcasted and that’s why you’ve lost this game. You’ve been blocked for 40 minutes.

Update: Now the time is 10 minutes.

Looking at the Chatroulette’s XML Code the time of being blocked is a variable, so it won’t always be 40 minutes, maybe if more people report you it can be higher.

… You’ve been blocked for $_OPTIONS_BAN_TIME_MIN minutes.

The only solution to manage a HUGE COMMUNITY is giving some powers to the users.

I also recommend you to read: Complete Guide to Chatroulette (y)

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. NerdyTendencies says:

    Here is how to UnBan yourself.
    Works great.
    I use F2 all the time now that I know how to fix it.

    Chatroulette how to get unbanned

    (*) I have a simple solution to unban yourself. Start and you will get the ban message but you click ok and allow your cam. Then right click on your cam window and choose settings. A small window will open, click one the folder icon at the bottom of this window. Now a slider will show up in the window, move it to 0. It will warn you this will cause saved info for to be removed (GOOD). click OK and then close. Congratz you are unbanned. (y)

  2. himm? says:

    i got banned over 4 hours ago!!!!

  3. kenny says:

    i got banned because i was gone for like 30mins, and i’ve been bannesfor over 14 hours and still counting

  4. John says:

    So I got on chatroulette for the first time ever last night.

    I saw 500 guys touching themselves, and like 4 girls who were bored.

    Now it says I’m banned, and it’s been over a day.


    I see people talking about pressing F2 or something, but I’m on a macbook and thats my brightness key. F1-F7 do things for my computer involving volume and visuals.

    Any suggestions?

  5. matthew says:

    Well.. i’ve got banned for bout 30 mins. ago

    fully clothed.. notn else i was juz sitn here

    i’m getn sick of it

    f**k chatroulette

  6. rileygirl says:

    reporting same issue. i’m a fully clothed girl, not being lude, and i got kicked off for 40 minutes. people must’ve been using the f2 to go to next.

  7. ajay says:


    Im a web designer and have a server so anyone intrested in a partnership let me know email above gotta be a better service then this was fully dressed spoke to 2 people. then get fully banned. sucks.

  8. rhondatheawesome says:

    I got permenitly banned. Me and my best friend. We didnt do anything wrong.We were fully clothed and didnt even cuss or anything.its been like this for a day or so. Anything I can do to go back on?..I mean I thought it was fun to met new people. Just skip the p3rv3rts. I liked it.

  9. Travis says:

    yeah i havent been on for like 5days or so and i just went to and it says my ip has been banned! wtf all i do is lay on my floor and hope to fin new ppl im fully dressed and the way i sit all you can see is my face! im sorry im not good enough for the pervs on there!

  10. guy says:

    im only a teen i had my sister next to me and my 2 yr old brother there aving and saying hello. i get banned. great.. and soo much for40 mins is more like 40 hours im still banned!!

  11. Mr.Murphy says:

    alright…this is unacceptable,there must be a cult of users that F2 everyone except each other and women because I have been banned not for 40 minutes but 5 DAYS!!! every time I think must be gone by now but, no.
    this needs to end! dont get me wrong i love this site but this rule is just too much

  12. Misho says:


  13. Zie says:

    I was talking to a bunch of people and actually met alot of people in Canada and talked about my job, and bands they were interested in/shows coming to town- Mid conversation- “Your IP is banned on Chatroulette for a possible violation of our Terms of Service
    Thank you for your understanding” Uhm… WHAT THE MOTHER FUUUUU- this blows. Chat Roulette was so badass but they really need to get their facts straight- SORRY FOR CHATTING ON CHAT ROULETTE?

  14. SiReZ says:

    Yeah same here…its been about 5 or 6 days now for me too…I used to like to go on CR to have a little bit of fun..mess with people…*troll* a little here and there but never took my damn cloths off like 98% of the people I encountered…screw this site…im done with it…Andrey Ternovskiy can kiss quite a few people goob-bye (bouchdag) if these are going to be the rules…lets all go to OMEAGLE! or stickam? nah…screw them both…between the EMP’s on stickam and the lamer rules and people in this world on CR I WOULD rather just stick to talking to people semi-privately on Skype…they have my respect unlike this stupid website…btw, just for everyone who DOESNT know…people are grabbing peoples IP’s and posting information up on the net about your location, information, and possibly other things…


  15. Nicole says:

    Your IP is banned on Chatroulette for a possible violation of our Terms of Service
    Thank you for your understanding????

    I didn’t even do anything, I was just sitting there…

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