Chatroulette: Basically, three people in last 5 minutes didn’t like what you have broadcasted

Date: April / 02 / 2010 + Comments: 55

Chatroulette has implemented a new Security System against some disturbing people in the service, or users who are just annoying, disrespecting the community rules, or just for being plain boring.

If 3 users in 5 minutes press the button: Report (F2), you (your IP) are banned from the service, and this message will pop everytime you will try to use it:

Basically, three people in last 5 minutes didn’t like what you have broadcasted and that’s why you’ve lost this game. You’ve been blocked for 40 minutes.

Update: Now the time is 10 minutes.

Looking at the Chatroulette’s XML Code the time of being blocked is a variable, so it won’t always be 40 minutes, maybe if more people report you it can be higher.

… You’ve been blocked for $_OPTIONS_BAN_TIME_MIN minutes.

The only solution to manage a HUGE COMMUNITY is giving some powers to the users.

I also recommend you to read: Complete Guide to Chatroulette (y)

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. not working rules says:

    I tested chatroulette and met some nice people, then I met 3 guys that where wa..k..g in a row, and they all reported me instantly and now im blocked for 40 mins, awesome rules.

    The thing is,if this kind of users don’t find a girl they just hit F2!

  2. thailandtraveldepot says:

    This is not going to work. I had to endure multiple frontals, am sitting here fully clothed, don’t look like a freak, smiling and not being boring and I got banned…. I’m assuming the w@nk3rs didn’t like that I wasn’t a chick so they reported me… this is inherently wrong. why doesn’t chatroulette just add some simple filters?

  3. kieran says:

    I basicly got banned for showing my iPhone screen, looks like a lot of anti Apple radicals share the service.

  4. tranps says:

    This is bs, I’m just sitting in front of my webcam and got banned in less than 5 min. I did nothing wrong, everybody uses the F2(report) button to go to the next person.
    They have to fix this or they will lose a lot of people.

  5. DanielSemper says:


    I also believe that there is a huge group of people using the Report Button (F2) instead of the Next one.

  6. Julea Tulie says:

    I think the Report button should be moved away from the Next button. I’ve actually accidentally clicked on the Report button before when I meant to click on the Next button.

  7. focker says:

    I decided to play with Chatroulette for the first time, I’m fully clothed and not doing anything wrong and I’m almost instantly banned. Of course, I’m banned after having to endure 3 minutes of dudes showing their stuff.

  8. David says:

    I agree with thailandtraveldepot, I apparently got banned as well, but I’m fully clothed and was just sitting here in my seat. No connection was made long enough for anything to be considered boring. You have like 2 seconds to win someone’s attention? This is a good idea in theory, but it doesn’t seem to be working for the right people.

  9. Huse says:

    its stupid, i had such a fun time then i cant use it. they should do something about it!

  10. StopChatrouletteBan says:

    I can broadcast for max 10 minutes and I get banned for 40 minutes !!!!!!
    Somebody needs to put a stop to this, or I will make my own chatroulette site.

  11. jamescook says:

    what i really don’t understand is how they can keep track of me…
    I’ve deleted all my cookies and history tracks, I’ve changed my IP address….and they still say me I’m banned.
    By the way I was completely clothed and I did nothing else then sit down here.
    There are thousands boys who are looking for girls…as soon as they see you as a guy, they press “Report” I suppose.

  12. Jack says:

    This blows. All I have on my cam is a nice polite sign asking you to pull up your shirt. Guys, girls, I don’t care. You don’t want to, just F9.

  13. sahand says:

    it’s pissing me off man! it’s so annoying :(

  14. Hendroit says:

    There is an easy fix for this and it’s called deleting your browsers history.

  15. emanuelle says:

    its a joke that u can be blocked for 40 mins without doing anything, has anyone yet found away round it ? + why are so many blokes desperate to have a wa*k on it tey need girlfriends

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