George W. Bush Wipes Hand On Bill Clinton’s Shirt After Shaking Hands With Haitians

Date: March / 26 / 2010 + Comments: 4

This is just disrespectful to Haitians. George W. Bush wipes his hands in minute 00:14. on Bill Clinton’s shirt fter shaking hands with a crowd of Haitians.

They were in their first joint visit to Haiti.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. tiago says:

    What is he afraid of? Catching a disease? …unfreaking believable this guy was the president of the USA.

  2. Nini says:

    …How was this guy was re-elected for a second term?

  3. DanielSemper says:

    Hi Nini, welcome to Aeromental :) (Keep visiting!!!)

  4. athena says:

    george bush makes me sick i just cried over all these photos these poor people, and he has the nerve to wipe his hand on bill clintons shirt..karma is mother %#$er

    Greetings !!!

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