Review of Documentary: Maradona by Kusturica

Date: March / 22 / 2010 + Comments: 0

Video of Maradona singing La mano de Dios (song originally performed by Potro Rodrigo), a scene from Maradona by Kusturica (2008)

I just watched the Documentary Maradona por Kusturica tin the Cable Tv Channel ISAT. We can hear a sincere, honest and sensitive Maradona sharing parts of his life, his achievements and failures, his career, his political preferences, his family and his cocaine adiction. Sadly this documentary (for my personal point of view) is ruined with aother scens from old movies not related to Maradona, a parody of a Maradonian church, and some moments where Emir Kusturica watching a tango dance and some strippers. This lowers the quality of the documentary and some moments one can feel that the director wants to joke Maradona, this was quite negative.

My favorite moment is in the minute 3:40 of the above video, when Maradona’s daughter screams Papá after wathing Diego in the Tv, wearing the Argentinian t-shirt in a World Cup.

Maradona gave a lot in every interview, he even took the cameras to his original home, where he was raised in poverty. He also commented that he regrets loosing special moments of his two daughters (Dalma and Gianina) in consequence of his cocaine addiction.

The documentary travels with Maradona to Naples with more stories about football. Maradona shows his strong admiration and affection for Fidel Castro and his contempt for George Bush and Prince Charles. There is a moment where Kusturica ends kissing Maradona’s hand (la mano de D10S)

Another musical scene is when Manu Chao sings to Maradona, La vida es una Tómbola.

Taking away those parts that i Didn’t like, this is a political, sociological, cultural and also a sporting document of the greatest footballer who ever lived on this planet.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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