Futterwacken: The Mad Hatter’s Dance was by David Bernal (kolla2001)

Date: March / 19 / 2010 + Comments: 2


[Spoiler Alert] If you have already saw the Tim Burton’s movie Alice in Wonderland, I am pretty sure that you wondered about the incredible, magical and energetic Mad Hatter’s Dance, its famous Futterwacken.

Besides the special effects that twisted Johnny Depp’s head and torso, the arms and legs movements are real, but were done by a body double, David Bernal, who was famous of doing this kind of dance thanks to his viral video: Kolla2001. He gave this special touch to the Mad Hatter.

This is the original video, Kolla 2001:

Wait until the minute 00:40.

David Bernal (born August 2, 1979) is an illusionary dancer from Santa Ana, California. His mother is Peruvian, and his father from New Mexico.

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Post author: Daniel Semper

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  1. joe & brother luc says:

    dude straight up that futterwacken was the best move i ever seen that is real danceing talent, break dance homies and michael jackson are proud for you keep it up, your dad’s from new mexico ? REPRESENT!!!, keep it up bro.. mmfcl woo woo

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